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What is Ip-Hop ?

So you're looking for a free software that publishes your dynamic IP adress over the Internet, within a web page, in order to give the whole world the opportunity to connect to your home web server ? And perhaps you are behind a DSL router, or you cannot know from within your LAN what your internet IP address is ?

Ok, you've found the right place. Ip-Hop is made for you.

You can find a lot of freewares being able to post you wan Ip, as long as you run them on a PC that hosts the internet connection, because they check the wan ip adress on the machine they run on. But when you purchase an Adsl Router, the problem is that PCs on your LAN don't "see" the wan ip address of the router. This makes most of Ip-posting freewares unefficient.
As I couldn't find any freeware working around this issue, I decided to write my own, and I do hope it will be as convenient to you as it is to me.

Direct access to DOWNLOAD (it's free!) *** NEW : release 1.6 now available ! ***

last updated June 2005