News :

September 30th 2005

Current IpHop version is now 1.6

what's new :

_ No more second template (useless because of the much more powerfull feature described below)
_ Added 5 separated FTP templates that allow to update up to 5 different web locations (usefull if you're home-hosting several websites)
_ Ip-Hop can now force IP update at startup
_ Some minor fixes


June 6th 2005

Current IpHop release is now 1.5
New features :
_ [LOCALIP] will now be parsed and replaced by your actual local IP address, in addition to [IP], [DATE] and [TIME]
In case your IP has changed :
_ You can send an email
_ You can execute a command line
_ You can locally update and copy a tempate file
_ 2 FTP templates are available

november 25th 2003

Current IpHop release is now 1.0
Bug fixes :
_ Iphop won't prevent windows from restarting nor stop when shutting down using start menu
_ Iphop will now have focus when it starts when 'minimize at startup' is not checked
_ More user friendly error message in case of ftp connexion error
_ Few minor diplay bugs fixed
_ Improved included sample template file (this one will show an example of how to automatically redirect visitors to your personnal website)

may 9th 2003

Current IpHop release is now 0.96. This release do not display a popup window when a internet connection problem occurs, but send a message in the log file.

april 16th 2003

Welcome to the brand new News page. The Iphop site just went on-line. Current IpHop release is 0.95.